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Multi-sport, art, and drama courses, for boys and girls aged 5-12 years old.


Term-time Courses

Our term time activities are based within the school timetable though PPA cover sessions, and also via after-school sessions. We deliver our 'on-the-go' games program from Reception age to Year 6, spanning no more than three school years at a time.

Headstart For KIDS school sessions offers an opportunity for children to become more physically active, in a fun, safe environment. Our courses offer children positive learning experiences through physical activity, developing gross motor skills (running, jumping, throwing, catching) and social / life skills: communication, application of number, working with others, problem solving, self learning and performance thinking skills.

Aligned to the National Curriculum for physical education, children make progress: acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, evaluating and improving performance, increasing knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

Example sessions include "mini Olympics", "under the sea", "pirates", "the jungle".

If you would like more information on our courses, or to introduce Headstart For KIDS into your school or organisation, please contact us.