The mind has a key role to play in sport and exercise performance. What we think and how we feel will impact how we behave and perform. By engaging in good mental practices we begin to realise our full sporting potential.

Sporting performances are comprised of technical, tactical, physical, social and mental aspects. We often hear athletes speak about the importance of mental skills in relation to success or failure, though this is often under-represented in training plans. Our Mental Skills programs seek to redress this balance, and help individuals and teams enhance and maintain optimum performance.  


One to One Consultancy

A needs analysis will determine your current situation and it's from here that we develop a plan moving forward. This can be done through Self Analysis, Performance Profiling, Expert Interview, Coach report, or a combination of the four. Some clients prefer more regular contact whilst others we may see once or twice a season. Following your session you will be provided with a full write up to explain the content and your personal action plan.


Group Delivery

Group sessions can be specifically prescribed to suit the current needs of the group/team as expressed by management. Alternatively, profiling the whole team often brings to light issues that may not previously have been considered. Coach/manger inclusion in these sessions is often encouraged, though there may be times where we adopt a different route. 


Mind Matters

Our Mind Matters performance resource is a proactive way for sports people to improve their knowledge of mental skills, to develop their self awareness, and to reach their full sporting potential. Each athlete receives a Performance Profile, the Mind Matters Workbook, and end of season Review. The product is aimed at the youth elite level, or those aspiring to compete amongst the elite end of performance sport.


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